About Us

Ours is an information technology and information management company.  The word noetic used in our name implies intuitive knowing.  We assume the meaning of this word of Greek origin in a broader perspective namely, a confluence of knowledge and service consciousness facilitated by technology. This holistic approach drives our all operations. Ours is an ISO 9001:2008 certified (JAS-ANZ) company.

We offer comprehensive services to our client right from creation of their digital database to its organization to generation of needed reports employing advanced tools of analytics. Our total solution facilitates the client to avoid investing in its information infrastructure augmentation and maintenance. That provides appreciable freedom to the client to concentrate on its focus area alone.

Our CRISTAL Services is one important solution for the hospital and medical sector. It deals with the Digital Analysis and Cognitive Services to handle the technical, administrative and financial information generated daily in the hospital. Its implementation serves the hospital management, medical professional staff and patients too. Generating reports to address technical, government and other types of queries is its hallmark.

Likewise for the finance and banking sector our services lend support to organize the massive data from say a bank branch to the head-office level. These services assist from operational to policy level decision making apart from addressing the audit queries.

The library sector is another area that we are serving in a number of ways. Our major services in this regard are: modernization of the library, setting up databases for the archival purpose, establishing a digital corner and training the staff to state a few. Our special solution LIB-DOER in this context provides a variety of functions useful to the library.

In the digital era the institutional web portal provides its unique identity. It should have a professional as well as attention capturing look. Selection of the technology platform and software tools for efficient operations of the web portal is also crucial.  That also needs assessing the traffic generation, graphic contents and security levels.  We take care of all these aspects by structuring the contents with appropriate links and ensuring smooth transactions supporting e-commerce. We have developed a tool called WCO to perform these activities.

Over the last ten years we have steadily built a highly committed team to design new services and implement them for a large number of clients. Successful installation and completion of varied projects in India and abroad are to our credit. This team is lead by Mr Yogesh Palkar who has long experience in IT field. Our team has grown and now is a fine blend of youth and maturity and represents a set of skills, experience and aptitude to take on the challenges of information and services management in practice.

As a part of our endeavour to disseminate information about the Indian publications widely we have launched an exclusive web-portal www.indianprintworld.com which allows the registered publisher to upload the necessary details about his books and magazines (new, old and forthcoming). This service is absolutely free and can be easily accessed by anyone with the net-connectivity. The information can be uploaded and accessed in 24 Indian languages. A special Unicode-based typing support for this purpose is provided. This project is viewed as discharging social responsibility and has received wide coverage by the press. As a part of this service we provide free downloading access to the Book  – on the way to research.

“Relations are more important than business” is our guiding principle and we always stand by it.