Library & Documentation Projects:

Project Company/Organization Nature of work
Digitization of Marathi Niyatkalika Suchi from the year 1900 to 1950
and producing a CD therof.
Mumbai Marathi Granth Sangrhalaya,Mumbai,India Digitization in Marathi language(Devnagiri Script) & developing multiple retrieval scheme
Digitization of 25 years Deeplaxmi Classic articles : 1961 to 2000 Shree Deeplaxmi Karyalaya,Mumbai,India Digitization in Marathi Language(Devnagiri Script)
Technical Documents Conversion Career Knowledge Resources Pvt. Ltd.,Mumbai,India Scanning & digitization of technical documents & drawings
Security Document Preservation HDFC Bank Digitization of old Important documents
Library Organization Mayfair Housing,Mumbai,India Stock processing & shelving
Library Organization & Automation All India Institute of Local Self-Government,Mumbai,India Library Software (Vidushi) Application
Library Organization & Automation Jews Community Centre,Mumbai,India Library Software-(Vidushi) Application
Digitization of old books and manuscript State Central Library Govt of Maharashtra Digitization of old manuscripts and classic reference material is being executed. Under this the material is scanned, cleaned and suitably compiled. A scheme for searching this data base is developed by which relevant material can be retrieved according to author, subject and keywords.
The Wilsonian Journal from 1909 Wilson College, Chowpaty Mumbai All quarterly issues of the famous “The Wilsonian” journal from the first issue published in 1909 are being degitised basically for preservation. More over suitable search schemes have been added for addressing reference and research queries.

WCO Projects:

Web/Portal Development Majestic Prakashan,Mumbai,India Web Content Organizer(WCO)
Information about Majestic PublicationsThe website
traces historical development of this prestigious Marathi publishing house. Highlights of Lalit & Dipawali, its two leading magazines are provided. The information about all its published books is made available and updated regularly. Their database can be searched in Marathi even though search terms are given in English. A user-friendly editor for Marathi typing facility is in-built at this website for the reader’s use. Details about the distributor outlets, attractive offers & purchase schemes and numerous programs are also provided.
Web/Portal Development Indian Print World Web Content Organizer(WCO)Free information about Indian Publications: The web-portal allows
the registered publisher to upload the following information about the books as well as magazines (new, old and forthcoming): author, title, front cover & blurb matter, nature of the publication, subject and keywords, edition, and price.This service is absolutely free and can be easily accessed by anyone with the net-connectivity.
The information can be uploaded and accessed in 24 Indian languages. A special Unicode-based typing support for this purpose is provided.This one-stop portal would enable the registered reader to exchange private messages, receive publishers listing, browsing the archives and searching by category and keywords. He can also get consolidated information about the published books on one subject or by one author. He can
post his review or comments about the books too on the site for the benefit of others. This can be done in English or in the language of his choice.
Web/Portal Development Directorate of Libraries, Govt of Maharashtra This web site gives an overview of the organization, functions and activities of the Directorate of Libraries of Govt of Maharashtra. It covers the genesis, funding pattern for public libraries and various schemes. It also inform about the training course conducted, various awards given to the public libraries and LIS professionals and future expansion plan. This web site is developed and maintained both in Unicoded Marathi and English.
Web/Portal Development Mumbai Marathi Grantha Sangrahalaya This web site developed in Unicoded Marathi language. It Gives information about more then 100 year old public libraries in Maharashtra. In particular catalogue of old and valuable books published before 1867 put on this web site is a unique feature. Their database can be searched in Marathi even though search terms are given in English. A user-friendly editor for Marathi typing facility is in-built. Details of the executive council of the MMGS body and its various library branches are provided. Further downloadable Membership form is made available for the benefit of citizens.
Web/Portal Development  Jascap  Jascap is a NGO working for the cancer patients and their families through information dissemination and counseling support. All its publications, bulletins and other information in major Indian languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malyalam And English are web enabled by the web portal developed and maintained by us. This multi-linguistic portal is serving the society at large in several gainful ways.

Other IT Projects:

Project Company Nature of work
CRM – Customer Relationship Management. INrex Pvt. Limited- California, USA This product assists the sales operations.Its Account module maintains a database of the clients and associated sales personals.Its Contact module keeps track of the moment of the key persons.Its Activity modules help in setting of the appointment schedule with the client.
Its Opportunity module in preparing a suitable product package for a specific client.
Complete history of each sale is also maintained for analysis  .
GBS – Generalized Billing System Vitrex Digi System – Ireland This package provide customer with the common subset of basic billing system plus a whole bunch of add-ons.A record of the entire Scheme & sub Schemes  related to different products for different branches & region is maintained.A Scheme will depend on Point, or value, or Free Gifts or Quantity. According to a Scheme  Order Memo & Invoice are generated . GBS can be integrated with the GSMS or any other compatible  Store management system. The GBS also produces the following reports besides  several others:

  • Tax Report
  • Customer sales report
  • Sales Engineer report
GSMS – Generalized Store Management System Reid & Max  Dept –Virginia, USA
Better House Pvt ltd- Nevada,
The GSMS encompasses the common subset of functionality of a Store Department. It provides the following functionality:

  • GRN (Good Receipt Note)
  • Indent
  • Inter-branch transfer
  • Warranty on Serial Number
  • Stock ledger
Transport Management System Zebra Cargo Inc-Manchester, UKReytheon
The primary objective of this system is to maintain a database of all the vehicles that are  with the client,generation of LR (Lorry Receipt) & generation of invoice. The secondary objective is  to produce  the list of diversions allowed in a single trip. This system is in full operation at the client site.
Telephone Answering Machine West Slides Co-Ireland This system is to answer the queries from the academics and the examination database corresponding to any telephonic  inquiries after due authentication.
Inventory Management System Majestic Book Depot- Mumbai, INDIA The GSMS encompasses the common subset of functionality of a Store Department. It provides the following functionality:

  • GRN (Good Receipt Note)
  • Indent
  • Inter-branch transfer
  • Warranty on Serial Number
  • Stock ledger