Web Content Organizer – WCO

Institutional website is emerging as a marketing tool and facilitates interaction with the users and customers. We undertake development of portal & website as per the client’s specifications. We also extend the services for their maintenance and updates.
We offer Web Content Organizer(WCO) suit with customizations addressing this domain. Overall packaged solution can include combinations of the following building blocks:

User Management
User creation, registration, authentication and access control

Content Management
Basic data creation, storage, retrieval, updates, access control, with teasers ,blurbs and comments.

Event creation, scheduling, calendar controls

Allow users to subscribe to threads, categories, events and send them notifications on updates.

Indian Languages 
Provide phonetic typing in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla with rich text support and storage and retrieval of the content.
Text search in above Indian language can be made even through search term in English. For reference visit www.majesticprakashan.com

Support uploading, downloading and embedding of images, audios & videos.

Built is search capabilities to search a content in site including trans-linguistic search results.

Means for communicating information and updates by mail, private messages, dashboards, subscriptions, RSS feeds.

Web based administration
Provide web based administration control of site for managing users, contents , look and feel , privilegs

In addition you can also opt for Books, Polls, Newsletters, Tell a friend, Advertisers, Case Tracking, Bookmarks features.

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